01 March 2010

Signs of Spring in the Garden

Two weeks ago there was six and a half inches of snow on the garden.
Today there are Daffodils blooming! The Crocuses have all ready done their thing and I missed them, I always forget how early they are. I found the beginning of the first Hyacinth just peaking its head out of its leaves. They are my favorite by far.  
Dormant Perennials are coming up in all the beds.
Over the weekend, I finally got the salad garden started (rather late). Next weekend I'd better get everything else put out. A trip to the feed store or garden center is on the agenda this week! I think I'll plant multiple  varieties of the things that we really enjoy eating the most. This way they'll mature at different times and give us a longer season.

The small farmer's markets should all be starting up again soon. I saw a notice for the McKinney Farmer's Market which resumes this Saturday!  Mmm, can't wait for seasonal homegrown and local food, I've missed it over the winter!

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