15 March 2010

Chez Poulet - Phase Three - The Arrival

Les Poulets Roulez! Today we are officially farmers. Three beautiful chickens have come to live in La Petite Maison des Poussins Urbaines. Please meet them:

Celine, the Ameraucana

Sylvie, the Barred Rock
Colette, the Buff Orpington,
the littlest one who will eventually be the biggest.

This afternoon we drove to Poetry TX (just north of Terrell) to Bageniece Farms where we met all sorts of great critters. Among them some very LOUD donkeys, a lovable Great Pyrenees who didn't want us to stop petting her, geese, turkeys, ducks, and of course chickens galore.

By far the most amazing were these:

And this one gets the award for most original nesting box:

The car ride home was uneventful with very little peeping and clucking from the back seat. Once home, Celine, Sylvie and Colette happily explored their new home.

Then they had dinner and tried out the roost.

Bonne nuit les poussins!

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