06 May 2011

O, The Chickens Have Been Busy!

O no, it is not a typo. Olivia, Olive and Odette have joined the urban flock and o do they have stories to tell. The blog has been silent for a while and there is much to say. I will take it in pieces. Today, the chickens.

Clementine on the set

The middle of March was full of adventure, good and bad. There was fame, fortune and demise. My beloved Clementine made her film debut in a fab commercial for North Haven Gardens.  She even got to sample some of the props.

Shortly before this, we had brought two new friends home to the coop, Olive and Olivia. They brought with them a nasty upper respiratory infection. Sadly, new Olive and dear Clementine were both lost to this ickiness. We took Olivia to the chicken vet for a proper diagnosis and were sent home with a prescription for ten days of chicken antibiotics (carefully measured and delivered by beak twice a day to 4 chickens). Olivia got well and the others (Celine, Sylvie and Coco) never showed signs of illness.

Once this saga had passed, we ventured out again to find new flock mates. We had a lovely trip to Burnet, TX to Mobile Chicken Coops and came home with Olive Deux and Odette. Both Olives are Welsumers who lay dark chocolate brown eggs. Olivia is a Japanese Bantam with long wings and very short legs. Odette is a sweet little Buff Orpington chicklette who promises to live out Clementine's film legacy and become a star herself.

Original Olive, with us only briefly.


Olive 2, carrying on the name.

Little Odette who peeps and chirps all the time.