19 August 2010

I Hate to Cook

Well, not really, it's not my first choice for leisure time activity but I enjoy it sometimes. Claire is a budding pastry chef and keeps our kitchen humming. On vacation, I was reading a humorous article about one woman's kitchen adventures. She mentioned the I Hate to Cook Book by Peg Bracken, published in 1960 (the only cookbook her mother had owned). I didn't think much of it at the time, but while perusing the shelves of The Book Nook in Rockport, I saw this charming little book (of course I will always find both the yarn shop and the used book store wherever I travel). It was meant to be.
 The book's illustrations are by Hilary Knight, who also illustrated the delightful Eloise. This alone was reason to own it. Reading about the 1960's housewife who had better things to do than cook is the real charm. The chapter titles include The Leftover - or Every Family Needs a Dog, Potluck Suppers - or How to Bring the Water for the Lemonade, and Desserts - or People are too Fat Anyway. There's even a helpful Household Hints section - "If your veils or lace collars get that tired look, you can crisp them by ironing them between two sheets of waxed paper."
This morning I happened upon this article in the New York Times. It appears that the author's daughter has revised and reprinted the book for its 50th anniversary. What great timing that I discovered this book this summer; I am so glad that I have the original on my kitchen shelf! So, I'm trying something new - after much wasted time trying to understand it, I think I've set up an account with Amazon so that if you are inclined to purchase The I Hate to Cook Book: 50th Anniversary Editionfrom them, I will earn a small commission. If this works and I make a little money, I will invite you over for dinner and Claire and I will cook an authentic meal from the original book!

To Market

As planned I went to White Rock Market last Saturday to look at bicycles. I didn't find the right one, but am planning to see more that they keep in storage. More tales of The Knitted Bicycle to come. Other than a bicycle, I expected to purchase some nice fruits and vegetables. Like these:

What I did not expect to come home with was a kitten. Jill (who drove in from Paradise - west of Denton) found a kitten on the side of the road as she was driving through Boyd on Highway 114. There amongst her beautiful fresh baked breads and homemade jams was a sign that said "free kitten." He took one look, saw the sucker that I am and began loudly yowling to get out of his box and be on his way. I pretended to give the situation some serious thought, but I think we both knew from the beginning what the outcome would be. In all the excitement, I didn't get a picture of Jill's wares, nor did I come home with any. I will have to visit her again at the next market.

Little kitten is home now, named Nikolas (Nick or Niko for short), he has settled in quickly and gets along well with the rest of the crew. He even has his own facebook page which Claire is kindly helping him update.

Fresh from the farm in a tomato box.

02 August 2010

The Knitted Bicycle - Part One

Taking inspiration from Magda Sayeg (Knitta Please), knitting street artist, I am beginning to clothe non traditional things with knitting. Bicycles travel and are highly visible so what better place for some mobile stitches. Claire has the most groovy '70's bicycle, it all ready has great rainbow stripes on the frame and seat, so I added some to the handle bars.  
At the next White Rock Local Market I will be shopping for one of Fred DeMetrovich's fabulous restored vintage bicycles for ME, so my next project is a helmet cover. I am starting with my horse helmet, which I will wear in lieu of a bike helmet (must be different). I am essentially making a giant hat for the helmet (photos in the next installment). A bike helmet is an odd shape and requires further study for design and shaping of a helmet cover.
My last non traditional knitted object was a steering wheel cover. It has held up well to daily use, although constant sun exposure has faded it.
More Knitted Bicycle accessories coming soon!