02 August 2010

The Knitted Bicycle - Part One

Taking inspiration from Magda Sayeg (Knitta Please), knitting street artist, I am beginning to clothe non traditional things with knitting. Bicycles travel and are highly visible so what better place for some mobile stitches. Claire has the most groovy '70's bicycle, it all ready has great rainbow stripes on the frame and seat, so I added some to the handle bars.  
At the next White Rock Local Market I will be shopping for one of Fred DeMetrovich's fabulous restored vintage bicycles for ME, so my next project is a helmet cover. I am starting with my horse helmet, which I will wear in lieu of a bike helmet (must be different). I am essentially making a giant hat for the helmet (photos in the next installment). A bike helmet is an odd shape and requires further study for design and shaping of a helmet cover.
My last non traditional knitted object was a steering wheel cover. It has held up well to daily use, although constant sun exposure has faded it.
More Knitted Bicycle accessories coming soon!

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