21 June 2010

Summer Solstice


. . . the pool . . . the beach . . . backyard bbq . . . the smell of sunscreen . . . water . . . sand in your toes . . . sunshine . . . fireflies . . . green grass . . . sunflowers . . . ice cream . . . straw hats . . . lemonade . . . sprinklers . . . air conditioning . . . sandals . . . flags flying . . . watermelon . . . long days . . . childhood memories . . .

A happy first day of summer to everyone!

15 June 2010

Furry Visitors

This morning I was in the kitchen preparing blue eggs for breakfast when I heard "Mommy, two big dogs just ran across the front yard; I'm going to go see them." Next thing I knew, we had Marley and Ruby in the backyard while calling the numbers on their tags. A man answered. "Oh. we're in Pittsburgh, " he said. Immediately, visions of two extra dogs for the next week ran through my mind. I thought quickly and asked if there was a sitter. Yes. He called home. Their daughter was just getting up and would come right over. Whew! Meanwhile, the girls had a great time playing with them. Our dogs (inside) were barking madly wanting to come outside and get in on the fun.

All ended well with a short walk down the block back home. The big lesson learned is that animals should always wear collars and tags with their names and cell phone numbers! Or in the case of our dogs, beaded necklaces with said information.

14 June 2010

Flag Day

Today is Flag Day, commemorating the adoption of our flag in 1777. Yesterday we went to a Flag Retirement Ceremony at Flag Pole Hill put on by Old Worn Flag. Here's some news footage. It was fascinating to learn the customs and procedures for respectful destroying of flags that are no longer fit to fly. A grommet from each flag is cut off to keep, then the blue star field is cut away from the stripes, separating the Union from the Colonies. It is no longer considered a flag at this point and the pieces are separated and burned. Boy Scouts were there in force to honor 100 years of their organization. A traveling Liberty Bell made an appearance and we got to hear Annie Benjamin sing songs about our nation. There was even a bright orange Lamborghini. It was all very patriotic and a great way to kick off the summer season leading up to the Fourth!

13 June 2010

Blue Egg

The beautiful blue prize we've been waiting for arrived today! Celine has given us a lovely bluish green egg. She looks proud, doesn't she? Based on her age, we thought there would be eggs last month so we've been watching every day. Now we have two laying hens so we can make a proper sized omelette! We have been gettting little brown eggs from Coco (they were supposed to be white). We also briefly had eggs from Sophie, but are sad to report that she passed on to Chicken Heaven just the other day. She had been acting slow and timid which seemed to be her personality, but all of a sudden one morning she took a turn for the worse and just drifted away. Be in peace, little Sophie.

09 June 2010

Learn to Knit (or Remember How)

"I haven't the time." The days are longer and life is more relaxed. Summer is perfect for learning something new. 

"I haven't the patience." Knitting teaches patience. It can even be used as a mindful meditation practice.

I am offering individual or small group knitting lessons for adults and children. Talk to your friends about joining you. We will arrange a time that works well for all parties involved. We can meet in my home or yours or at a bookstore or coffee shop. Beginning materials and resource list are provided. The first session will consist of four lessons (one and a half hours each) over two to three weeks. Cost is $75 per person, per session. Follow up sessions consist of three lessons for $50. Leave a comment here to let me know you are interested and we'll communicate privately about details.

Consider this:

"Recent neurological research tends to confirm that mobility and dexterity in the fine motor muscles, especially in the hand, may stimulate cellular development in the brain, and so strengthen the physical foundation of thinking."

"Knitting and gardening reduce the risk of dementia in later life."

"Knitting teaches children success through persistence, concentration, control, follow-through and mastery and improves fine-motor skills, hand-eye coordination and brain development."