09 May 2010

A Very Small Omelette

We were given another little egg yesterday so today we made a small omelette with a little salt and pepper and a sprinkle of cheese inside. Farm fresh and delicious; nothing from a grocery store can top this! 
We discovered Sophie in the nesting barrel shortly before yesterday's egg appeared. She was sitting on the fake wooden egg, meant to encourage laying, tucking herself in and adding straw around the egg. The wood egg was promptly removed to discourage any broodiness and not long after, a real one was in its place.

07 May 2010

An Egg! An Egg!

This morning we found our first egg in the nesting barrel! It is quite small and white, perhaps a slight tint of brown. This must be a gift from Sophie or Coco since they are the Bantams. The eldest of the others is Celine, her eggs should be blue or green so I don't think it's hers. If we receive another one today or tomorrow, we will have fresh eggs for breakfast this weekend! Hooray!

06 May 2010

The Flock Grows

We would like to introduce the newest members of the Poussins Urbaines Flock:

Clementine and Sophie came home with us last Sunday from Bageniece Farms . They are getting the hang of our routine all ready and the other chickens seem to have accepted them.
Clementine the Buff Orpington - about 12 weeks old - will lay brown eggs.

Sophie the unidentified (possibly a Buff-laced Wyandote) - a Bantam breed - will lay small brown eggs. We were told she is full grown, but she's about the size of our other Bantam, Coco who is not supposed to be full grown yet. We shall see!