29 March 2010

Three French Hens Again

Welcome Coco! She is a Black Rose Comb Bantam about 10 weeks old who will lay small white eggs. We made another trip today to Bageniece Farms planning to get another Buff Orpington but the only one we saw that wasn't full grown didn't take kindly to being held. Coco is little enough for Claire to cuddle and love. We saw some little month old Buff Orpington chicks that we will visit again when they are bigger. One of them may come home with us in April. Once home, Coco was introduced to the hen house while the others went out exploring, but is spending the night and tomorrow in the pet carrier until we can supervise all three together.

Coco explores the recently installed nesting barrel. This is an actual barrel from Crate and Barrel from their remodeling sale years ago. Does anyone else remember when they actually sold everything out of crates and barrels? Now the chickens have a crate and a barrel!

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