28 February 2010

Chez Poulet - Phase Two

Much progress made on La Petite Maison des Poussins Urbaines! I am determined that these chickens are going to have very low budget accommodations. Thanks to the recent snow storm, we have a lovely roost.  

And thanks to a Richardson resident providing a curb side shopping opportunity, we have the beginning of Chicken Condos (a.k.a. nesting boxes). I all ready had the wooden crate and would love a few more if anyone sees some somewhere.   

I have read repeatedly that despite it's name, chicken wire is not the best thing to use for chicken enclosures. Predators can reach through it and small birds and rodents can get inside through it. Hardware cloth (which isn't really cloth but smaller wire mesh) is the thing to have. Someone needs to revisit the names for these things.

For good luck we have a horse shoe donated by the nice horses at Lime Ridge Farm.

And lest the chickens forget the date we have a calendar (on sale for $1 yesterday at Borders)

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