21 September 2010

Poinsettias for the holidays

The holidays will soon be here and it's time to consider your decorating. Poinsettias are both traditional and beautiful. This is your opportunity to order in advance and be prepared. Claire is selling Poinsettias in 6" pots in red, pink or white to raise money for her participation in the The Children's Chorus of Greater Dallas. The Chorus is planning a major tour (possibly international) in 2012 which will cost as much as $3000 per child (yikes)! Proceeds from Poinsettia sales go directly into Claire's account to help offset the tour cost. Each plant is $12 (of which $5 will go to Claire's account). That's a lot of pretty Poinsettias! Please order for your home and workplace. Ask around to friends, shops, offices and so on. Orders are due by November 1st and will be received on December 4th. Post here or email me with your order. Thanks for your support! Let's send Claire on tour!

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