06 September 2010

Chassé Shrug

This is a simple, quick knit for adults or children. When my eleven year old daughter was ready for something a little more than simple knitting, but nothing too complicated, we came up with the Chassé Shrug. This shrug is made in one piece with no seaming. It includes the new skills of using double pointed needles, ribbing and a simple cable. The sizing is custom, based on the size of the person and can be used with any yarn. It is written with the beginning or child knitter in mind.

Claire is an accomplished young ballerina who is going en pointe this year so she is upgrading her dance wardrobe. This simple shrug will be a nice addition.

sts - stitches
in - inch
CO - cast on
# - number
/ - per
x - times
dpns - double pointed needles
K- knit
P - purl
cbl ndl - cable needle (you can also use an extra dpn)
sl - slip
rep - repeat
beg - beginning
BO - bind off

You can use any yarn for this pattern. Depending on size of yarn and length of sleeves, you will need 1 - 3 skeins (balls).

You will start at the bottom edge of the right sleeve, work across the back and down the left sleeve all in one piece, no seams.

Determine how many stitches to cast on by using this formula: # sts / in x desired length = # CO sts (to do this, knit a small test swatch and using a ruler, count how many stitches are lined up within an inch). To determine CO length, measure around the largest part of your arm.

CO appropriate # of sts divided evenly on 3 dpns (video here), place a stitch marker near beg of round.
K1, P1 rib for 4 rounds

Begin cable pattern (determine where your cable should be by finding the center of your round and counting 3 sts on either side. Place 2 stitch markers to separate these 6 sts when you come to them). This way your cable goes up the center of the sleeve and across the center of the back.

Right Sleeve:
Round 1: K to where 1st marker goes (place 1st marker), P1, sl 2 sts onto cbl ndl and hold in front, K 2 sts from left ndl, P1, (place 2nd marker), K to end of round (video here)
Rounds 2-6: K to marker, P1, K4, P1, K to end of round
Rep rounds 1 - 6 until sleeve is desired length (we made 3/4 length sleeves, you may prefer wrist length)

At beg of next round, transfer sts to straight ndls in order to knit back of shrug flat.
Continue as follows:
Row 1: P2, K to marker, P1, sl 2 sts onto cbl ndl and hold in front, K2 from left ndl, K2 sts on cbl ndl, P1, K to last 2 sts, P2
Rows 2, 4, & 6: K2, P to marker, K1, P4, K1, P to last 2 sts, K2
Rows 3 & 5: P2, K to marker, P1, K4, P1, K to last 2 sts, P2
Continue until flat portion covers back between shoulders (get someone to hold it up for you)

Left Sleeve:
At beg of next round, transfer sts to dpns (divided evenly as before).
Continue cable pattern as for 1st sleeve until 2nd sleeve is same length as 1st, ending with round 1 of pattern.
K1, P1 rib for 4 rounds
BO all sts
Weave in yarn ends.

We will add photographs as we go along and also will note any corrections.

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