07 January 2010

Local and Thrifty

I have taken to purusing thrift stores in recent months for both the savings and the thrill of the hunt -scanning the racks for fine fabrics and well made seams. My conquests include Betsey Johnson, TSE Cashmere and Earl Jeans. Re-purposing still usable items of clothing is certainly a sustainable choice. I would like to also think of these things as locally grown to some extent.  Yes, they have likely travelled far and burned a big carbon footprint in their first life, but in their new life, they have only travelled across town to the donation center.

This year I intend to shop locally and thriftily as much as possible.
I will support local farmers by purchasing local food, real food.
I will purchase building materials from salvage and surplus stores.
I will barter my services for what others can offer me.
When locally made choices are limited, I will buy my non-local goods from neighborhood merchants.
I will continue to shop in antique, consignment and thrift stores for unique re-claimed finds.

There is an Hermes Birkin bag waiting for me in a thrift store somewhere.

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