30 April 2010

The Scent of Spring

I wish I could somehow post smells here to capture what I experience in my garden. It is a delight to walk out of the house on to the porch or to open the car door upon arriving home. In the evenings and early mornings especialy there is such a fresh sweet smell all around.
The rose bushes are all in full bloom, lining the driveway. As we drive along when the sunroof is open, the tall ones brush the car and petals fall in!

Honeysuckle covers the gate, curling and flowing everywhere, floating in the breeze.

Oxalis lines the side of the house with a slight but sweet scent.

Towering above everything else are the Chinaberry trees. They came up in the back yard along the fence years ago out of nowhere. Last year they bloomed for the first time. They have they most amazing fragrance. This is one I'd love to bottle!
All of this and it's just the end of April. I still have the Four-'O-Clocks, Moonflowers and Magnolias to look forward to!

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